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OTHL Preview Montreal


Montreal Canadiens

Starting Lineup

Berry – Holik – Pronovost

Mahovlich – Apps – Redmond

Boudrias – Walton – Schmautz

Vadnais – Lapointe

Bacher – Van Impe

Welcome Mat

Adduono [NY. Is] Bacher [STL] Boudrias [STL]

Bacher is the key addition who will hopefully help a defense that fell apart in the second half of the season – Boudrias is penciled as the 2rd line winger but he could easily move around – Averaging only 20 points a season has made him a disappointment thus far – Montreal is hoping that a change of scenery will change that

Pink Slip

Edwards – Evans – Lemaire – Linonmaa – Reid – Riihiranta

What happens when you win Montreal’s first Selke? You are traded away – Montreal did not want to move Lemaire but they knew they had to get Stackhouse – Montreal is deep enough at center to make this move – The same logic applies to Edwards who would not have gotten playing time and Reid who had three prospects ahead of him who would have been called up


GF 12th – GA 12th – PP 17th – PK 11th


Lapointe – Marcotte – Monahan – Redmond – Selby – Vadnais


Lapointe and Vadnais will be key this season to improve a PP that finished in the bottom and a defense that fell apart costing Montreal a playoff spot – It is a lot to ask two young d-men but their offensive output alone should make this team better – Redmond takes Pappin’s place as the scoring winger who Montreal hopes will be a 30-goal scorer

What they have….

1] Youth – Montreal has had an abundance of picks that the last their seasons that are now just making their way up – Pronovost, Schmautz, Awrey, and Berry were promoted two seasons ago; last season Apps, Marshall, and Mahovlich; while this season Dufour, Redmond, Vadnais, and Lapointe will get the call – There is a possibility of Stephenson moving up if Villemure moves

What they need…

2] Defense – Montreal’s defense had a complete meltdown last season – While the group were not flashy, they did the job most nights – Ashbee was the catalyst on offense and he is better suited on a second pairing – Montreal have added two scoring threats in Lapointe and Vadnais which changes the look – If Montreal can avoid another meltdown this season making the playoffs will happen