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OTHL Preview Chicago


Chicago Blackhawks

Starting Lineup

Duff – Henry – Borgeson

Balon – Marshall. D – McKenzie

Firsov – Martin. P – Larose

Boivin – Douglas

Green – Plager. Bc

Cheevers – Ylonen 

Welcome Mat

Kelly. JB [CAL]

Chicago felt confident in their roster adding only young rugged forward Kelly to the mix during the off season – He should fill into the PK unit when its time

Pink Slip

Harris. R – Perry

Perry was moved as Chicago is very deep on the left side – The moves to bring in Carleton who is a scorer and Kelly a solid two-way winger meant someone had to move – Harris was a solid two-way d-man who ate a lot of minutes for the defense


GF 11th – GA 2nd – PP 15th – PK 1st


Alexander – Borgeson – Bouchard. P – Carleton – Dorey – Gould. J – Kelly. JB – Libett – Lorentz – Murdoch. B


Chicago has a nice group of prospects starting with Murdoch who will not only provide scoring but some much needed toughness in front of the net – Borgeson averaged 50 points a season on the farm and should settle in on the top line – Chicago continued to address scoring with Carleton who had a brief stint with the pro team but his role should expand for offense starved Chicago

What they have….

1] Slow Burn – Chicago has done things right by making the playoffs in 1965/1966, then moving on to the finals in 1967, and capping it off with a final four appearance in 1968 – Now Chicago must put it all together to win the cup

What they need…

1] Scoring – Chicago finished 11th in GF and 15th PP, those numbers won’t work if Chicago wants to return to the finals – If Borgeson can develop into the sniper Chicago needs that will help but more is needed on the wings