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Penguin Tales


The Pittsburgh Penguins. The newest member of the OTHL, have had some growing pains early in the season, from being a punching bag for most teams, to looking completely minor league, the Penguins were able to turn their seasons around, ever so slightly. Managing only two wins in their first nineteen games, the Penguins turned their fortunes around with a new game plan, a defensive game plan, and the Penguins were able to win ten of their next twenty-one games and shot passed the Sabres in the standings before hitting a bump. Now, the Penguins sit 3-4-3 in their last ten games and riding the loser bus for the last three games.


  • The Penguins have the third least number of wins on the season with 12, only the Scouts with 10 and the Sabres with 8 have less.
  • The Penguins have one more loss than the Scouts, who have 22 losses on the season, nobody has more losses than the Sabres with 28. In case you are wondering, this means the Penguins has 23 losses.
  • Only Kansas City and Detroit have double digit ties, the Penguins have a mere five.
  • Only the Sabres with 95 goals scored have less than the Penguins, who have only 114, three less than the North Stars.
  • Washington and Pittsburgh are tied for goals allowed with 144, two more than the North Stars and Flames. Only Scouts with 154 and the Sabres with 157 have allowed more goals than the Capitals and Penguins.
  • The Penguins have a single shutout this season, it is four less than the Golden Seals, who lead the league with five. Only Capitals, Canucks, and Sabres have yet to record a shutout this season.
  • Only the Kings with 245 have less PIMs than the Penguins with 249.
  • No team has less hits than the Penguins, who have only 514, the league leader is the Canadiens with 910.
  • Only the Rockies and Maple Leafs have less wins than the Penguins over the last ten games. Shocking since the Rockies were on a playoff track only a week ago.
  • The Penguins have two more home victories at home than on the road. The Penguins have seven home victories.
  • The Penguins so far have 922 shots of goal this season, which is good enough for seventh last in the league, the Penguins have allowed 20 less shots on their own goal for total of 902. Which does show some promise. Only five teams have allowed more than 1000 shots on goal this season – North Stars, Rockies, Scouts, and Canadiens, and the Sabres, who have allowed 1152 shots. Only five teams have shot 1000 or more pucks towards the opponents’’ goal – Flames, Rockies, Red Wings, Capitals, and Bruins. In case you were wondering about the Sabres, a mere 684 shots on goal, which is 133 less than the Canucks who have 817.
  • the Penguins are middle of the pack with 266 block shots. Only Five teams have 300 or more blocked shots – Sabres, Scouts, Capitals, Canadiens, and Rockies.
  • The Penguins have a 77% success rate on the penalty-kill, the Penguins are tied with the Kings and Capitals. Only four teams have a lower success rate, all with 73% - Flames, Leafs, Islanders, and Scouts… I bet you thought I was going to say Sabres, but no, for the Sabres have a 78% success rate.
  • The Islanders have a 17% success rate on the powerplay, which is good enough for last in the league. The Sabres have a 19% success rate, with nine teams having a success rate of 20% or higher, one of those teams is your beloved Penguins with 26% success rate on the powerplay, which is second in the league, only the Blues are better.
  • Only the Hawks, Canadiens, Canucks, and Islanders have yet to score a short-handed goal… even the Sabres and Penguins have scored one.
  • Only the Sabres have less powerplay attempts than the Penguins, the Sabres have 141 and the Penguins with 142, the difference is the Penguins have score 37 times on the powerplay, tied with the Seals, Rockies, and Scouts. It is one more than the Flames and tow more than the Barons, the only other teams with less are the Canadiens, Stars, Canucks, Islanders, and Sabres.

In closing, this is or was an article about the Penguins, the Sabres got plenty of print, so did every team in the league, so I am to believe.  



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Penguin Tales
Stacking Up Against The League

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