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The Draft Lottery Winner Is...


What a battle, what a fight for the top pick in the upcoming draft.

The Barons won the in sim lottery.

The Scouts won the randomized lists lottery.

The Sabres won the mega spin-off.

The Rockies, North Stars, and a WILD CARD earned spots.

The spin off the wild card spot went to the Scouts, giving them an additional chance.

Then, the six team spun off in a spin-off to end all spin-offs, each is given FIVE chances, with Scouts getting TEN!

First to drop out was the Barons, then the Rockies fell to the wayside, Then the Scouts Wild Card spot fell.

Down to three teams - Scouts, North Stars, and Sabres...

Next fall was the North Stars,

and then it was down to two...

With the winner being...




The Draft Lottery Winner Is...
Dramatic Spin-Off

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Vince Finally the Scouts are a winner !!!!! (of something)
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