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Breaking Down The Phil Esposito Trades


Montreal traded future superstar Phil Esposito to the North Stars for three first-round picks and a second-round pick.

Montreal got the second-round pick in Y23 (selected Andre Hinse), a first-round pick in Y24 ( later traded to the Kings for Y24 first-round pick, Y26 first-round, and a Y27 second-round picks, Montreal selected Jim McKenny with Y24 first-round pick), the Canadiens also got two first-round picks in the upcoming entry draft.

Phil Esposito did not last long in Minnesota; he was quickly shipped off to join his brother in Washington. The North Stars received three first-round picks in the Y23 draft and Vaclav Nedomansky. The North Stars selected Wayne Cashman, Andre Lacroix, and Rosaire Paiement, the North Stars had four first-rounders this season and selected Jean Pronovost second overall. Pronovost was traded to the Golden Seals with Red Berenson for Gerry Ehman and several future fifth round picks.

Nedomansky along with Fern Flaman was traded to the Golden Seals for Bob Perreault and Bryan Campbell. Wayne Cashman along with Ron Harris and Gary Sabourin were shipped to the Golden Seals for Ron Ellis, Vitaly Davydov, and Anders Andersson.

Which has left the North Stars with Andre Lacroix, Rosaire Paiement, Bob Perreault, Bryan Campbell, Ron Ellis, Vitaly Davydov, and Anders Andersson.

It has left the Canadiens with Andre Hinse and Jim McKenny, with two first-round picks being made this season and two future picks.

Phil and Washington seem happy together.