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OTHL Preview - Detroit


The Opening Night Roster:

Parise - Oliver - Connelly

Lindsay - Keon - St. Marseille

Shack - Jackson - Nolet

Talbot - Pronovost

Tremblay - Johnson

Rollins - DeJordy

The Good:

The Red Wings are once again champions after being knocked out in the first round the previous season. The team has now won two cups in five seasons with two different GM's. This comes after going years without winning the cup. The roster is intact which means another run is possible. Pronovost led the team in scoring during the playoffs while Dejordy's playoff record of 9-2-0 signals the beginning of a changing of the guard in nets. During the regular season, Murray Oliver's 81 points was 12 more than Wayne Wayne Connelly's 69 points. Connelly was one of six players who scored 60 points making it hard for teams to focus on one unit. Marcel Pronovost's 66 points now gives him 500 plus points as a d-man. Keep in mind that most of his points came in the last seven years as a Red Wing

The Bad:

Some of the Red Wings key players are getting older and are on expiring contracts. Jackson, Johnson, Rollins, and Pronovost, all need new deals, so there is a sense of urgency to win before some tough decisions have to be made. Ted Lindsay is 41 and has two more years so this is most likely his last run. Losing Johnson, Pronovost, and Rollins is problematic as the Red Wings are thin on the back end and in nets. The majority of prospects are forwards. Even an injury to those players could expose the lack of depth.

The Numbers:

The Red Wings finished 14th on pk and 10th on the PP during the regular season. The PP results got better in the playoffs ranking 3rd but the PK was 6th [out of 8 teams]. When you take those numbers into account it is amazing how the team won the cup. Even the team defence which went from 2nd in the league [allowing 205 goal], allowed 43 goals in the playoffs. The difference? The Red Wings had the firepower most nights to outscore most teams when the defence was not on their game.

The Future:

The cupboard is bare on defense and in goal. The Red Wings have 4 first round prospects and need to make each one count. Jack Norris has struggled on the farm with a 3.22 GAA. DeJordy buys them some time but the defence is another story. Tremblay is 26 and on an expiring contract. If he cannot be resigned Marshall Johnston is the only option left.

The Trades:

The Red Wings have gone from a team that made deals to one that makes few. However, that philosophy will need to change if the older UFA's cannot be resigned. For example, if they lose Rollins they will need a backup goalie. If Johnson or Pronovost leaves, then help will be needed as both those players play big minutes.

The Outlook:

Can the Red Wings make one more run? With some aging stars it is going to be a little tougher. Let's keep in mind the last time they won the cup Atlanta knocked them out in the final four. With an improved special teams, an infusion of youth, and a little luck, the Red Wings will find their way back. The division also gets harder to win with Buffalo and Toronto added to the mix.



Remember when Detroit was the laughing stock of the league, yeah, nor do their fans!

OTHL Preview - Detroit
Red Wings Flying High

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Rangers added up some power trading assets that were weaker then what we got so we might meet again in the final

OTHL Preview - Detroit
Red Wings Flying High

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Greg F Islanders will be slotted between Chicago and Los Angeles. Colorado will be slotted between Kansas City and Montreal
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Nice write up, Greg!

OTHL Preview - Detroit
Red Wings Flying High

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Greg F More coming. The goal is to be done by Friday
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